Monday, September 02, 2002

hey babes!
today was the weirdest im in the car comin home from my grammas with my mom and my sister jammin to skater boy (i <3 avril!) im singing along and all of a sudden my mom bursts out and whats going on?? and im thinkin to myself wat the hell is she talking about. so she says it again and im like mom wat r u talking about?! and she says this.... so she turned him down cuz he was poor? she was analyzing a song written for teenagers!!!!!!!!!!!! after i laughed for about 20 mins i was like mom...hes not poor hes just a skater boy and the girls friends were makin fun of him cuz he wore baggy clothes and they didnt (lol u gotta listen to the song) and so she starts arguing with me about how she didnt like him cuz he was poor. so im like mom hes not poor he just wasnt her typical type. but neways the point of this weird story was that my mom likes to analyze songs haha
c ya later alligator !

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

hi was a bad day. first of all i thought it was like monday today (cuz thats what it felt like) so i started going to all the wronggggg classes which made me late for like alll my classes. on top of that i felt like crap all day. i had a really bad headache and i just felt like sleeping. the only good thing was that 2 miles got dropped from our run today so instead of running 6 we only had to run 4 :0) but back to the bad stuff...i was soo excited cuz nadia told me we were going to a football game on friday so i came home and called her thinking it would make me happy talking about friday. but i found out shes only going with her bf and she doesnt want me coming. so if any of u wanna go to a football game with me on friday let me know!
i have a feeling this week is just gonna drag so be nice to me!!!!! luv you guyz <3 buhbye

Sunday, August 25, 2002

hi! ok i guess im a new blogger(gotta love that word) cuz i cant even say it...i just call it a b-l-o-g haha. Nadia met a new boytoy at her party last night which by the way was tons of fun!i shouldnt have eaten all the skittles cuz i was supposed to run sitting here writing this cuz i was just "phone ditched" by nadia for her boytoy!i hate being phone ditched.thats the onlything that sux about call waiting.no1 should have it but me. LaTeRz!